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Vecchiano "Spazio minori"

A Vecchianese Summer.

Enjoy unforgettable evenings in the warmth of the summer with open air concerts, cinema and plays for all ages that are held near the beach and the park.


Carnival, processions of the Madonna di Castello and of the Madonna delle Grazie, Spring Fair, Sagra dell’anguilla.

Try the delights of local wine and cuisine at one of our traditional eateries where you also have the chance to eat outside. Mix with the locals and be welcomed as guests, not as tourists. This is True Tuscany, not that of postcards! which are

There are numerous open air rural festivals held throughout the summer months in the commune of Vecchiano. At these events, you can enjoy authentic local specialities either outdoors or indoors and listen to music and entertainment to suit all ages. The festivals are run and funded by voluntary organisations and offers visitors the opportunity to experience the real Tuscany, not picture postcard Tuscany.

Carnival (February) is celebrated all over Italy and is a colourful way for all the family, especially children, to have fun. As in the famous Viareggio Carnival, it is also tradition in Vecchiano to make huge papier-mâché models, pulled on floats, that poke fun at celebrities and politicians.

Traditional religious celebrations, held every three years, are testament to the ongoing importance of the religion in the area.The celebration of Madonna di Castello is held once every three years and lasts for ten consecutive days in September. It involves a firework display and a religious procession which departs from the Sanctuary of Saint Maria in Castello. Once a castle owned by the once powerful Republic of Pisa, the sanctuary was given its name by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Madonna delle Grazie is celebrated near the Vecchianese church of San Frediano. Following a solemn mass there is a traditional procession in honour of the Madonna accompanied by music from local bands. Later, in the evening, the festival is finished off with a spectacular firework display.

For further information on similar religious festivals that are held every year in towns and villages all over Marina di Vecchiano, click on “eventi”.

The traditional Spring fair (Festa di Primavera) in Vecchiano sees the town being transformed by market stalls, entertainment, fun fair and colour. Held on the first Monday of April and the following weekend, the fair is thought to originate from the travelling markets of medieval times. Such history is reflected in the equisitally rustic character of the festival which sees “dolci” (cakes, biscuits and sweets) made from their original ingredients: pine nuts, rice, chocolate, pastafrolla, liqueur and the famous “torte coi bisheri”. Furthermore, a country fair is held along the banks of the river Serchio. Here you can see collections of farm animals and demonstrations of rural crafts that date back many years.

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Nodica: Sagra della zuppa, Sagra della pizza, Sagra del tortello...
In May the Soup fair or “Sagra della Zuppa” marks the start of the “festival season”. Local minestroni soup made from beans, vegetables and cabbage are served with slices of bread, local oil and fresh onions.

June the Tortello fair, “Sagra del Tortello”, offers the chance to try something special in the shape of delicious Tuscan dishes of pasta that are stuffed with meat and spices and are normally served with ragu sauce.


Festivals near Vecchiano

The thermal spring town of San Giuliano Terme celebrates its country fair on 24 August. In September there is the “Settembre Sangiulianese” with cultrual, sporting and recreational events on offer.


Festival pucciniano

Il Festival pucciniano che si tiene ogni anno fra luglio e agosto a Torre del Lago è sicuramente la manifestazione di maggior prestigio della zona. Sulle sponde del lago caro al compositore, in una sorta di teatro all’aperto, si rappresentano le sue celebri opere. Il Festival, istituito nel 1930 come omaggio a Puccini, continua a godere di una costante affluenza di spettatori, che sembrano trovare in questa atmosfera una sorta di consonanza con il romanticismo di tanti temi pucciniani.

La Villa Borbone è invece riservata ai concerti da camera. A novembre, Torre del Lago si anima ancora per la cerimonia di assegnazione del Premio Puccini, riservato alle migliori interpreti femminili.


San Piero a Grado: Sagra del pinolo

In June the Pine Nut festival, “La Sagra del Pinolo” is held at San Piero a Grado, a small hamlet between Pisa and the sea. Here you can enjoy music, games and food and drink stalls that have products made from locally grown pine nuts. San Piero a Grado is also famous for its church which is one of the most beautiful Roman churches in Italy. The church was originally built in early Christian times and takes its name from the fact that it was constructed on the site of a small Roman landing place for boats (the Latin term for “grado” is “gradus”, meaning landing place or berth).


Celebration of San Vincenzo de’Paoli

On the second Sunday in May, the patron saint of Migliarino is celebrated with market stalls and the chance to sample local food and wine at special “tasting stalls”.

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